Weed-Killer Imprelis Loses Lawsuit


The known weed-killer Imprelis made by DuPont has been investigated. Reports of damaged and dying trees have been given to the Imprelis manufacturer, DuPont, which in result, suspended sales. Due to what was found during the lawsuit, users now qualify for benefits.The Imprelis tree damage settlement began when users of the herbicide found that it was damaging and killing many plants, especially trees. The class action lawsuit is providing money and other forms of compensation to consumers who fell victim to the harmful substance. Information can be found by visiting the website www.TreeDamageSettlement.com.

tree damage1 Weed Killer Imprelis Loses Lawsuit

 Imprelis was used by a large group of consumers divided into three categories with specifications. Each class is eligible for some kind of benefit such as tree replacements and refunds. The first class consists of property owners that were affected directly by Imprelis. Nearby property owners should report as soon as possible. Tree removal and replacement will be given to fix damage. The second class consists of lawn care professionals. These customers can get reimbursement for time and money spent using Imprelis as well as refunds for any unused weed-killer. The third class is made up of golf courses and other self-applicators. Benefits include the ones in the first class and reimbursement up to $2,000.

tree damage2 Weed Killer Imprelis Loses Lawsuit

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