The Flowers in a Toilet

 In the last few years  recycling has become popular and a lot of people start to care about our planet a lot more. Reusing secondary materials has become normal and everyone think hard to find usage for old and unused items. In today’s gardening article you can see the second life of old toilets and how they can transform into great flower pots. It is great news that toilets, a hardly recyclable materials can be reused again and can decorate […]

Roof Garden Decoration

Since the days of Babylon, people have grown plants on the top of their houses. But this has not been only a matter of decoration. These roof gardens can control temperature, and also provide food, advancement in architecture and give you numerous opportunities for recreation and wildlife. In big cities, there is no much space for gardens, so roof gardening is a great solution. In these circumstances, plants are grown on the roofs of the buildings, thus taking care of […]