Roof Garden Decoration


Since the days of Babylon, people have grown plants on the top of their houses. But this has not been only a matter of decoration. These roof gardens can control temperature, and also provide food, advancement in architecture and give you numerous opportunities for recreation and wildlife.

In big cities, there is no much space for gardens, so roof gardening is a great solution. In these circumstances, plants are grown on the roofs of the buildings, thus taking care of their own water and waste. Hydroponics can reduce the amount of soil and its weight thus expanding the prospects of roof gardening.

roof garden  Roof Garden Decoration

Over the past few centuries, roof gardening has been a custom practice, although some people may think this is unusual. But the roots of roof gardening can be found in Europe, and its traces go back to the ancient days. From the times roof gardening appeared in Europe, plants were grown in houses of a minimum space. Except their beauty, these gardens are also useful in many ways.

roof garden 1 Roof Garden Decoration

It is proven that plants are beneficial to the psychological state of people and they provide a sensible climate, too. Roof gardens also have a good effect on your roof, by extending its life by more than 70%.

roof garden 2 Roof Garden Decoration

roof garden 3 Roof Garden Decoration

roof garden 4 Roof Garden Decoration

roof garden 5 Roof Garden Decoration

roof garden 6 Roof Garden Decoration