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How to create coups?

Chicken coups are invested in by a few families who love to do their poultry and earn from it. Egg will give chicken which will give egg in this abiding mystery. You need plenty of space in your backyards for these coups.

First count the number of chickens you have got. 3 nests respond genially to 7 chickens. Apart from that, you need 5 sq. feet for every chicken of yours and further 5 sq. feet for their perching. Once you have left adequate space, make a wooden enclosure. You can add shaved glass on top to save it from their eaters like cats.

Chicken coop garden  How to create coups?

Place a square saucer in the middle for their food. Keep their coups clean enough. Chickens are not too cleanliness-conscious of their own. Just ensure that the area remains bacteria free. You may make a gazebo in the middle for their group enjoyment. Let them bask them in the open sun and lay eggs. Read More